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    Vivian Liu
  • Secretary
    Xiaodong Feng 馮晓東
  • President
    Linda Zweig 王慧
  • Board Member
    Harry Yee
  • Board Member
    ShanShan Lee 李珊珊
  • Board Member
    Michelle Lau 劉美嫦
  • Board Member
    Teck Lai 頼德明
  • Board Member
    Grace Yan 嚴歡
  • Auditor
    Mayue Carlson 林美玉
  • Scholarship Chair
    Keely Jue 周吳其麗
  • Treasurer
    Janice Tsai 蔡維馨
  • Vice-President

Born and raised in Beijing, China, Vivian Liu came to North America in 1989 and received her degree in Business Administration after studying at North Alberta Institute of Technology in Canada. She then worked eight years in both public and private sectors as a trusted accountant. After moving to California in 2002, Vivian became an active member with the local school PTA, and was particularly passionate about the power of education and the future of the children. With a rapidly growing Chinese population in Folsom and surrounding area, Vivian and four other parents saw an opportunity and the necessity to promote Chinese culture/history within the community. So they founded the Folsom Chinese School in April, 2007. She’s served on the board of directors since, and acts as liaison to the community and corporations, where she organizes fundraising events, prepares public meetings and helps with variety school events. Vivian works full time at the California Department of Transportation accounting division and she devotes most of her free time to the Folsom Chinese School, the Sacramento Chinese Culture Foundation and the Sacramento Chinese New Year Celebration Association.

From SCCF New President

Dear SCCF Sponsors and Sacramento Community Members:

As a scientist, educator, clinician and administrator, it is my great honor to have the opportunity of serving the Sacramento Community as the newly elected President of Sacramento Chinese Culture Foundation (SCCF). For the past 30 years, SCCF has been playing a very essential role in promoting peace and prosperity in multi-culture society at the local, regional and national levels. The best example is that we celebrated SCCF 30th Anniversary by offering the historical East and West Health Fair at the Elk Grove Campus of California Northstate University College of Medicine (CNUCOM) on December 4th, 2016. This was a historical inter-professional education and service experience for local medical schools, pharmacy schools, nursing schools, community colleges and high schools. Physicians, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, herbalists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, social workers, patient advocates, volunteers, students, community leaders and civic leaders. Over 50 local health care organizations participated this historical health fair and CE event. Several world-renown experts of Chinese Medicine from medical schools and hospitals in Beijing, as well as Southern California and Bay Area, also attended this event. Over 400 community residents attended this unprecedented health fair which integrated western medicine with eastern medicine, and offered free flu vaccines, hepatitis screening, diabetes screening, stroke education and screening, vision and dental screening. At this event, SCCF also conducted Wells Fargo Foundation and UC Davis Confucius Institute Scholarship Award Ceremony, promoted Asian culture with phenomenal performance, and fun activities for children. On behalf of the SCCF board members and the Organizing Committee of East-West Health Fair, I want to express my deep appreciation to all the sponsors, institutions, organizations, vendors, clinicians, volunteers, community leaders, public officials, and community members for all your strong support. We also need your continued support and participation to bring this extremely well-received health fair to our community every year. I proudly announce that SCCF will host 2nd Capital Region East and West Health Fair at California Northstate University College of Medicine, in November, 2017. SCCF is looking forward to collaborating with everyone to continue promoting peace and prosperity in our multi-culture community and society. Please join us as an institutional member, individual member or volunteer. Mission impossible is possible with SCCF, because we are together!

Xiaodong Feng, PhD, PharmD
SCCF President
April 7, 2017