June 10th 2017, Saturday, 2:00PM to 4:00PM
Health and Wellness Workshop
California Northstae University
2910 Prospect Park Drive
Rancho Cordova, CA 956670

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Our Mission

  • Through Culture Awareness to Promote Peace in Multi-Culture Society
  • 組織目標: 以文化意識交流的方式從而促進多元文化社會之間的共容共存
  • Promotes Chinese culture through education, scholarship and community events
  • 宣揚中華文化和中國語文; 提供教學機會; 舉辦社區文化活動
  • Provides resources and standards for Chinese language, history and culture studies
  • 提供學習中國語文,歷史,文化教育研究標準,教學計劃和教材
  • Provides scholarships to schools and students for Chinese language and culture
  • 設立獎學金頒發及鼓勵學習中國語言和文化的學校及學生
  • Participates in Asian cultural events through collaboration with community groups
  • 與社區組織合作, 共同參助其他亞裔社團文化活動

    Sacramento Chinese Culture Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation established in 1986 to promote Chinese culture and support activities related to the promotion of Chinese culture.
    A board of directors is elected every 2 years to carry out its activities. Membership is open to all.
    By laws

  • Scholarship

    Community Event

    1st Capital Cup Chinese Language Contest (2017)
  • -- Organized by Western Sierra Collegiate Academy
  • -- Sponsored by The Confucius Institute at SF State SinoMedia International Group Sierra Chinese School
  • -- When: May 20th, 2017 Saturday
  • -- Place: 660 Menlo Drive, Rocklin, California
  • -- Download Flyer